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Read what our users have to say about wordQ and speakQ.

Word Q Testimonial: WordQ has been such an inspiration for me, it has enabled me to consider returning to Post Secondary and advancing my College Diploma to a University Degree. This dream was seemingly impossible prior to WordQ. With the features such as text reading software and learning word/ vocabulary, I am no longer intimidated by returning to university. Additionally, as a professional in the field of supporting students with learning challenges and learning disabilities, WorkQ given my students the opportunity to become less support dependent. I wish I had learned of WordQ years ago in my early years of education as well as in my field of work.

--Hannah Davies Learning Facilitator, CICE Program at Mohawk College

After the stroke, my wife wrote most of my stories. But, I wanted to write on my own. WordQ+speakQ helped me with everything. It helps me with writing, typing, comprehending, and reading. I use wordQ+speakQ all the time on word documents.

- Don, Member of Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement, Maryland

After downloading wordQ+speakQ onto her laptop, our daughter was in tears and couldn't believe why this software wasn't presented to her years ago. She stated she was already writing like a pro and the program was intuitive and really easy to use. All this just in time for final exams.

- Lyse, Mother, Ontario

I have never had students respond so quickly and strongly to writing assistive technology before. It is so nice to have a program that has easy to understand licensing and non-insane pricing!

- Wylanta, AT Coordinator, Arizona

WordQ+speakQ is very intuitive for younger students. I love having wordQ+speakQ working in the background with other applications (unlike many of your competitors), and the voices were quite good. We're definitely going to find room for wordQ+speakQ in our standard set of tools!

- Glenn, Assistive Technologist, New Hampshire

My LD students demonstrate greater independence and success in their reading and writing tasks. They are more eager to take on writing tasks using these programs.

- Brian Strickland, Teacher, Newfoundland

Your products are WONDERFUL and I am having much success with students as young as 3rd grade. I have one student using it this year that, as recently as a year ago, couldn't even get through training her voice. She is doing remarkably.

- Carolyn, Occupational Therapist, New York

Since discovering wordQ+speakQ at the 2009 CSUN conference, my group has been recommending it regularly this school year on our reports/IEPs, as we have found it to be a superior product and it has worked so well for our students.

- Jill, Assistive Technology Provider, California

If I am writing a story and I don't know how to spell a word I can't just yell "HOW DO YOU SPELL WARRANTY?" and expect God to give the answer. With the computer, if I don't know the word I can use word prediction.

- Gabe, Grade 7 student, Ontario

We had several teachers come back so excited, it is great to think we can have this next year.

- Dana, Library Media Specialist, New Hampshire

WordQ+speakQ is my adaptive software of choice for struggling writers.

- Michele, Assistive Technology Coordinator, Michigan

This is one of the best pieces of software for beginning writing or a research project. Many students with working memory and executive function would benefit.Often, these students will sit in front of a black screen not knowing where to begin. ThoughtQ provides that needed step in getting them started.

- Volunteer Beta Tester for ThoughtQ

I am very impressed with the technology... so much more "kid/user friendly" than other products I have used such as Dragon. I only wish I could make it available for more students.

- Cartney, Occupational Therapist, Washington